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Law School Receives $632,000 to Enhance Community-Based Reentry Services  

photo of a gavel and scalesSeton Hall’s School of Law will receive a major boost through federal funding secured by United States Senator Cory Booker. For many years, the law school has provided pro bono and related community-based legal services to underserved populations in Newark and throughout the region. 

The funding proposal was prepared by Lori Borgen, Associate Clinical Professor and Director of the Law School’s Center for Social Justice. “This funding will enable the Law School to assist in reentry by increasing accessibility to relief from criminal records for people who face barriers to reintegration into the community after incarceration,” Professor Borgen said. “This will help people in Newark and Essex County address legal issues related to their ability to secure a job, health care, housing and other essential aspects of life. 

“It’s part of what we do and who we are at the Law School — working to help those most in need and improve social justice in our community and society,” she added.

Senator Booker has made criminal justice reform a priority throughout his time in the Senate, building on a series of initiatives he advanced earlier in his career of public service on the Newark City Council and as mayor of Newark, helping such landmark measures as the First Step Act.

“Reentry support initiatives like Seton Hall’s are important to easing the path for formerly incarcerated people as they reintegrate to life outside bars and face enormous obstacles,” said Senator Booker. “I’m proud to secure federal funding to expand Seton Hall’s community-based reentry and support services to help people in Newark and the region, and I’m grateful for Seton Hall Law’s longstanding social justice work, which I’ve admired from my days as mayor of Newark.”

Joseph E. Nyre, Ph.D., president of Seton Hall, added: “This outcome was the result of months of determined work by faculty and staff in our School of Law, our Government Relations staff and Seton Hall advocates in the nation’s capital, including Senator Booker. We are sincerely grateful for his commitment to Seton Hall and to providing opportunities for individuals to successfully reintegrate into the community.”

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