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Seton Hall University is committed to not only providing students with the most current information on how to finance your graduate degree, but to making that degree affordable.
A graduate degree is within your reach, with a variety of options available to help you finance your degree, including scholarships, federal aid, graduate assistantships, and more

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  • Scholarships: Seton Hall is dedicated to delivering an exceptional graduate experience while educating professionals with a purpose. As such, Seton Hall is committing increased funding toward its University-subsidized scholarships, which can reduce the cost of your graduate degree up to 50%.
  • Graduate Assistantships: Benefit from full tuition coverage for some or all a number of your credits each semester, plus a monthly stipend, in return for part-time work at the University.
  • Federal Funding: Utilize FAFSA to explore federal, state, or institutional financial aid programs, ensuring a seamless application process by listing Seton Hall University with the school code 002632.


Applicants who are accepted to graduate programs of study may be eligible for various forms of University-subsidized or endowed scholarships funds. The Graduate Merit Scholarship, in particular, affords newly admitted graduate students the opportunity to be considered for merit awards that are upwards of several thousands of dollars toward their degree program, with the most lucrative awards being as much as 50% of a student’s first-year tuition. Criteria for consideration include the applicant’s prior GPA and degrees completed, as well as the program of study to which they are admitted. The availability of funds, as well as the criteria for consideration and eligibility, will vary by academic department, and awards will be applied to tuition charges only.

Prospective students are advised to contact the Office of Graduate Affairs with questions pertaining to the Graduate Merit Scholarship. Furthermore, additional scholarships that are available to graduate students may be found on the Office of Financial Aid site.

Graduate Assistantships

Each academic year, Seton Hall offers a limited number of partial or full assistantships. Such opportunities generally come in one of three forms: a research assistantship, which involves a graduate student conducting research under the supervision of a University faculty member; a teaching assistantship, which involves a graduate student conducting recitations, laboratory sessions, lecture courses, or other classroom experiences while under the supervision of a University faculty member; or a graduate assistantship, which is a student employment position in an academic department or administrative unit whereby assistants work a set number of hours per week and, in return, receive a tuition waiver. 

Assistantships pay full tuition for a certain number of credits per semester and provide a monthly stipend. In exchange, those who have earned an assistantship must work 20 hours per week and maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better. Oftentimes, assistantships are renewed for a second year provided both the student and supervisor are satisfied with the arrangements.

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Fellowships are merit-based competitive internal or external awards to support a full-time course of study of qualified graduate students. Fellows receive financial support to focus on their graduate research and training without the requirement of service to the University. The Office of Grants and Research Services (OGRS) encourages prospective and current graduate students to explore opportunities for academic and professional growth beyond their core academic studies. For detailed information pertaining to fellowship opportunities available via government agencies and private institutions, please visit the OGRS website


A variety of federal and private loan options are available to eligible graduate students to support their studies. These options include Direct Unsubsidized Loans, Direct PLUS Loans, and alternative student loan programs. Detailed information pertaining to each of the aforementioned loan options may be found on the Office of Financial Aid site

Additionally, current and prospective students are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid directly with questions pertaining to their loan eligibility, FAFSA application, and so forth. They may be reached by phone at (800) 222 – 7183 or via e-mail at

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