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We welcome the Seton Hall community to join us at our upcoming events. Missed an event? Catch our event recordings here! Interested in partnering with us to host an event? Fill out this form

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Spring 2021

February 5, 2021- Let's Talk Law School
The event featured students, faculty, alumni, and administrators who discussed accessibility, affordability, and support services for minority students interested in attending law school.

February 10 - Cafe Con Joes: Language and Identity
Explore language and identity intersectionality while discussing ways language shape one's perception of identity.

February 23 - ABC Panel: Colorism in Family Structure
The ABC Panel explored the issue of colorism within the family structure with a panel of students and faculty.

February 25 - ABC Panel - Family Matters Gender and Sexuality
The ABC Panel explores issues of gender and sexuality within the family structure, especially from the Black experience.

March 18 - Ella Triunfa: Women in the Workplace Panel
Focus on women's experiences in the workplace and messages of empowerment from distinguished women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. 

April 14 - Cafe Con Joes: Family, Faith, and Culture
Examine the faith experience of first-generation Americans who often find themselves caught between “two worlds” of faith practice.

April 14 - Guest Speaker BeautyBlender CEO Rea Ann Silva
A conversation with BeautyBlender’s CEO, Rea Ann Silva as part of the Joseph A, Unanue Latino Institute Distinguished Speaker Series.

Fall 2020

September 16 - Ella Triunfa: Women in the Workplace Panel
The panel featured distinguished women in diverse fields as they shared their experiences in the workplace and a message of empowerment.

September 30 - Election 2020- Impact of the Latino Vote
How deeply can the Latino population of the United States affect the 2020 Presidential election? Seton Hall University academic scholars explored trends, voting patterns and the current events cycle to discuss the impact the Latino vote in the 2020 Presidential election.

October 14 - Making Comics: The Future of Representation
What makes comic books special? What do they say about society? Leading experts in the comic book industry discussed the future impact of diversifying representation in the characters, storylines, and illustrations they create.

November 4 - Virtual Café con Joes: Who Gets to Tell Your Story? Representation in the Media
Communications Professor Angela Kotsonis challenged students and the community to think about ethnic stereotypes and representation in the mainstream media. Who is telling your story and how do we empower each other to challenge the system and include diverse perspectives?

Spring 2020

April 1 - Virtual Café con Joes: Let's Talk About Mental Health
Seton Hall alumnus, Dr. Enmanuel Mercedes and Seton Hall University CAPS Staff Psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Mazzetti led a discussion about prioritizing mental health over the first few weeks of COVID-19 quarantine. 

April 2 - Virtual Café con Joes: Resume, Interviews, and Networking Tips
Special guests Natan Alves, Senior Specialist, Corporate HR Strategy, BMW of North America and Alethea Corrales, AWS Recruiter, Amazon, led a discussion sharing their best tips and tricks for students looking for internships or networking opportunities. 

April 15 - Virtual Café con Joes: Empowered Latinas, Empower Latinas
Maday Martinez, a Cuban-American New York based multi-disciplinary experiential designer, producer, choreographer, and artistic director, led a discussion on the importance of entrepreneurship and self branding. Martinez is the Founder and CEO of the Union City Music and Dance Academy and Project DALE, Inc. 

April 22 - Own Your Story: Resiliency in an Unprecedented Time
Jeffrey Martinez, a 17-year retail banking professional, U.S. Army National Guard veteran, and passionate community leader led a discussion on the importance of resiliency and focus toward the future. Martinez is the Executive Vice President, East Territory Executive, PNC Bank. 

April 29 - It's Okay, Charge Ahead! 
Joel Paulino, strategic and creative marketer who has worked over 10 years in driving brand growth for Fortune 500 companies shared his story, career trajectory, provided insight into his industry. He encouraged students to embrace progress within these unprecedented times. Paulino is the Senior Brand Manager, Tequilas, Pernod Ricard USA.