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Student Clubs and Organizations

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The LLC supports student clubs and organizations at Seton Hall University that foster an understanding of different languages, cultures, and perspectives within the campus community.

Adelante: Adelante was founded in 1972 and over the years has evolved into an organization that not only brings Latinos to the forefront of attention but also heightens the awareness of their culture and impact at Seton Hall. Adelante is committed to the empowerment of the Latino community at Seton Hall and is consistently striving to serve and represent all Latinos by promoting Latino awareness on campus through programming, community service and much more. Our fundamental goal in Adelante is to: Motivate Everyone Toward Achieving Success.

American Sign Language/Deaf Culture Club: The American Sign Language/Deaf Culture Club serves to educate Seton Hall community members who are interested in learning about ASL or Deaf Culture. This club provides engaging programs and workshops on topics surrounding Deaf Culture and American Sign Language.

Haitian Organization Promoting Education: H.O.P.E. stands for Haitian Organization Promoting Education. Through this organization, we strive to break the misconceived stereotypes of Haitians. We do this through workshops, events and our annual ball. We strive to education the Seton Hall Campus about our culture.
Contact:; Instagram: @hopeofshu

Italian Student Union: The Italian Student Union is a cultural organization at Seton Hall University. The ISU believes in preserving and promoting Italian culture, language and traditions. We do this through a number of different events which vary from Italian movie nights, lectures, trips to the opera, annual pasta dinners, and even Italian mass. We strongly encourage all students to join; you do not have to be Italian to be a part of our Seton Hall family. While educating students, the Italian Student Union enhances the experiences and traditions of Italian culture.
President: Olivia N. Franki,

Korean Language Culture Club: The Korean Language and Culture Club is a community that promotes Korean language, food, and history across Seton Hall's campus.

Middle East North African Student Organization: The Middle East and North Africa Club (MENAC) is an intercultural student organization that provides insight into various Middle Eastern and North African cultures. The club hosts many events throughout the semester, such as fundraisers with NGOs, creative workshops, movie series, and lectures throughout the year that corresponds to our purpose.

Mythos Club: The Mythos Club is an organization where students can learn and talk about Classical Greek and Roman Mythology. Bi-weekly meetings and related events include presentations and trivia as well as baked goods and snacks. Each year follows a theme that helps guide meeting discussions and activities.
Contact: (Faculty Advisor)

Slavic Club: The Slavic Club, currently with over 900 members, is a student organization created in 1990 by Prof. Anna Kuchta with the purpose of increasing awareness of the Slavic cultures, customs, and its people at Seton Hall University. Students, who want to keep up with current cultural trends in Russia and Eastern Europe, have an exceptional opportunity to do so in the framework of the Club.
Contact: (Faculty Advisor)