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Date: May 20, 2014

by Rebecca Blomgren

Street Patrol, WSOU's longest running specialty show, has a record for breaking local and unsigned bands through to the big stage. Artists such as Biohazard, Ashes of Your Enemy, and Negative Sky all gained air time and exposure every Wednesday night from 8-10pm on 89.5fm. Hundreds of bands and solo artists submit their work every year in hopes to earn a place on WSOU.

In order to become a member of the Street Patrol family, bands must submit an original CD, fit WSOU's heavy metal format, and then go through the process of Yank or Crank that is a classic tradition of Street Patrol. During Yank or Crank, bands have one of their tracks played on air to be judged by listeners, who will then call up and vote on the bands fate. "Crank" if they love them, "Yank" if they don't. Cranked bands become a part of the show while Yanked bands get their CD's broken over the airwaves.

In addition to Wednesday nights, every few months, five Street Patrol bands are chosen as L-Cuts, meaning they will be played during regular rotation for a limited amount of time, giving them a chance to be heard throughout the day. For local bands, Street Patrol is that first step towards becoming signed and earning their place in regular rotation.

Currently working their way up through the Street Patrol ranks is local and unsigned band Me With Creeps. After being formed only a few years ago on a whim, they have not only held the title of most played L-Cut for a full 8 weeks in a row, but they have also become the number one played song out of all of WSOU with their track, "Try You On." Quickly gaining fans and followers, Me With Creeps went from being Cranked, to gaining L-Cut status, to playing in shows in only a matter of months.

Vocalist Dom Ostuni spoke about the band's beginnings when him and friend Pat Cancian, drummer for Me With Creeps, decided to try jamming out something new and different from the norm. Six songs were recorded in Fright Box Studios in Clifton NJ, and then that was it. "It was just going to be a onetime thing for fun" Ostuni says.

However, that was just the beginning for Creeps. Last year, the band restarted when George Adamz joined, taking on guitar, and revisiting the old tracks. Ostuni says "We kinda just started jamming to the songs here and there for fun, until we just said let's do it. Let's play them." From there two more tracks were added to the playlist along with a few more members. The line up now includes Steve Balazs on guitar, Alfred Chester on bass, and Greg Behan on keys. After becoming a member of Street Patrol, Me With Creeps then played in one of their presents shows in Butler, NJ, playing just before the headliner spot. They had their second show in Trenton, NJ where they competed for a spot on the Summer Slaughter Tour.

Now that Me With Creeps has some shows under their belt, an 8 song CD with merchandise on the way, and a growing reputation, they are definitely a band to keep your eye out for. Because even though Street Patrol bands start of local and unsigned, they tend to become the next big thing.

Me With Creeps

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