Pirates fight to 0-0 draw with Hofstra in home opener

Date: September 6, 2018

By Michael Daly

Seton Hall drew with Hofstra in a scoreless contest that went into double overtime periods.

The match was highly entertaining and physical until the final whistle blew. Hofstra committed 15 fouls on the night, and the Pirates were charged with 13.

Seton Hall goalie Andreas Nota made five crucial saves, which balanced out the lack of production on offense. Pride goalie Alex Ashton recorded three saves of his own, which was extremely helpful keeping hope alive for his team.

Carlton McKenzie led the team with three shots, making his presence felt, as he was constantly on the attack against Hofstra’s defense. Matthew Vowinkel of Hofstra attempted four shots of his own, two of which were headers that almost went in the net.  

In the last minute of the first overtime period, McKenzie fell to the ground with an apparent cramp. He walked off the pitch and sat on the bench but later returned as a substitute in the second overtime period.

Halfway through the second overtime, Vowinkel scored a sliding goal but it was taken back after he was caught offside. For the remainder of the period, both offenses were battling for possession but the clock ran out.

When asked about why the result of the match was a draw, Coach Lindberg said “It was an even, physical game and we had to match that. We created chances to get the game winner but the ball didn’t go our way. Credit to Hofstra.”

Seton Hall has a nine day break in their action until they play Big East rival St. John’s in Queens. Coach Lindberg, when addressing the days off said, “We need to score goals and we need rest. The long break will help us and we will give the team Saturday and Sunday off.”

After the tie, Seton Hall goes to 2-1-1 on the year and Hofstra despite not losing, still remains winless with a record of 0-3-2.

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