Common Wealth Interview

Date: December 26, 2015

Street Patrol Interviews Christian and Giovanni from Commonwealth On how the band came about, How Giovanni Joined the band and more.

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How Commonwealth became a band

Christian - Well we are kinda a newer band, really only been out for a little over a year. We actually searched for the members of this band, went all the way across the United States. Me and my other Guitarist, Vinny Black, actually looked for members in California, Hollywood and all over the Us before coming back to Jersey. What happened was we saw some youtube videos on some different drummers and different people that we saw on social media and connected on there. Once we had some people in mind we said “alright lets go up and go out there. We lasted for like a month and a half, 2 months out there We played with a couple of people, but nothing really panned out. We came back to jersey. Giovanni Here is my cousin and thats something that a lot of people don’t know. It was funny because we went out searching but a lot of the members were right here at home...

How Giovanni joined the band.

Christian - Giovanni is a younger member of the band

Giovanni - I just turned 19 … One day he (Christian) call edme up , and I didn’t know how to play guitar, I just dabbled a lot on acoustic guitar and that was the extent of it. Like I didn’t know anything. And he called me up one day and was like “Hey listen, I think you can play guitar in this band?”, and i was like “ I love the idea of it and I gave it a lot of thought and I sat down and I was like “ I could really put in the time and effort to do this.

Christian - He was playing before and I don’t think he knew knew how good he was for a younger player.

Giovanni - At the time I was 16 going on 17.

Christian - Like I knew with what we were doing and the songs there we were writing at the timing what we were coming up with. I could see him doing, And I knew, what’s better than being able to kinda like, mold someone into your situation…

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