WSOU presented with Pantera Album

Date: July 1, 2022

For 30 years, Pantara's Vulgar Display of Power has stood as one of heavy metal's greatest albums, however, it is also becoming more then just an album, it is set to be released as a graphic novel as well. The cover of the novel was created by Alan Robert, bassist in the band Life of Agony. In May, WSOU was presented with Pantera's album award commemerating 30 years of their album, Vulgar Display of Power with the same art created by Robert adorning it. The station was the first and only radio station to play the Pantera in the New York area back in the 1990s. To this day the band and album hold a special place in the hearts of the DJs who play it live on air for all those who listen to WSOU.blurred pantera picture

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Seton Hall

Seton Hall


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