Letter to WSOU Listeners About Recent GWAR Concert

Date: October 8, 2019

Recently, a news story was posted by the TFP Student Action group on their website that contained significant errors regarding a GWAR concert. As a result, we would like to provide you with the following accurate information:

  • The GWAR concert did not take place on the Seton Hall campus but took place at the Starland Ballroom located in Sayreville, New Jersey.
  • WSOU-FM is a sponsor of the Starland Ballroom as well as other concert venues in the state and New York City.
  • Starland Ballroom presents numerous live music acts throughout the year representing a wide array of music genres. As is true for all concerts at the venue, the Starland Ballroom selected the bands for this performance.
  • Every song that WSOU plays must meet strict FCC standards for content. In addition, our music also must meet even stricter University standards for content.
  • Everything that airs on WSOU is “clean,” meaning songs are edited to remove potentially offensive lyrics.
  • WSOU airs a number of religious programs. The station airs Holy Mass every Sunday and a variety of Catholic shows weekly. WSOU also airs news and sports programming as well as a mix of musical genres.
  • WSOU, which is student-managed, is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including the prestigious Marconi and Peabody Awards.
  • The students of WSOU annually collect donations for the Community Foodbank of New Jersey and the Our Lady of the Sioux Church, among other community service efforts.

Seton Hall is deeply committed to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. In addition, the students who run WSOU hold themselves to the highest professional standards and ensure that the station conforms to established policies, procedures and Seton Hall values. Any accusations to the contrary are simply not grounded in fact and are a disservice to the student staff of WSOU, the Seton Hall community and the venues that the station partners with.

Thanks for listening!
Your Friends at WSOU

Seton Hall

Presidents Hall


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