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"What's Happening in Poland Today?" - Parties and Politics in Contemporary Poland.  

Richard Hunter lectures Slavic ClubOn Thursday, Oct.22nd, 2020, at 6:30pm, via Microsoft Teams, Slavic Club is sponsoring a lecture by Dr. Richard Hunter, "What's Happening in Poland Today?" - Parties and Politics in Contemporary Poland.

Poland engaged in a "self-limiting" revolution in 1989 in which it began a process of changing both its economic and its political systems. In this context, governmental and party politics came to the forefront in efforts to effect real change in society as the “closed” communist system came to an abrupt end. This presentation will discuss governmental structures and party politics in Poland as they relate to these changes and will offer commentary on what the future may hold for politics in a nation still struggling to define its role in the European Union in light of its most recent past.

Dr. Richard Hunter is a Professor of the Graduate Stillman School of Business, and he is a specialist on Poland. During this interesting, and informative lecture he will discuss the current parties and politics in Poland to enlighten on these topics Seton Hall students of business, Russian and East European Studies Program, Diplomacy, Political Science, History, Slavic Club members and SHU community, in general.

Each year Slavic Club sponsors Dr. Hunter's lectures and they are always very popular and are attended by huge crowds.

Q&A session will follow this lecture.

All are welcome to attend! You may access this meeting by clicking here.

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