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Academic and Student Support

L.E.A.P Center

At the L.E.A.P Center, we know that the key to overcoming academic difficulties lies both in recognizing the strengths and challenges with which a scholar enters college and in addressing the academic deficits that can impede success. The success of this approach requires an environment where each scholar receives appropriate attention.

The L.E.A.P Center provides services to EOP scholars to address academic challenges that they face throughout their academic careers. Peer tutors assist scholars to master course content and develop learning skills including problem-solving, analytical reading, test-taking strategies, and time management.

In-person sessions are organized in one-to-one or in small-group sessions by scheduled appointment or drop-in. Also, the Center facilitate access to 24/7 online tutoring that is available for all the disciplines.

Services Offered: 

  • Tutoring 
  • Structured Study
  • Final test preparation (Books and Brunch)
  • Educational Enrichment
  • College Success Workshops
  • Summer Seminars
  • Preparation for Professional School Exams 

 Location/ Hours of Operation: The L.E.A.P Center is located at the lower level of Alfieri Hall. We are open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Advising Services provides a holistic approach to supporting EOP scholars in their pursuit of a college degree. Through advising we seek to facilitate scholars' personal development and enhance their academic success. Each scholar is assigned a Student Success Advisor (SSA) whose responsibility is to help each scholar achieve their educational goals by designing and implementing a "transformational" experience.

Our Advisors STRIVE to provide scholars with an advising experience by fulfilling the following tenants:

Service - Advisors serve scholars by becoming a guide to them through their academic careers. Advisers in EOP operate with an open-door policy, which encourages scholars to be candid.

Transformation - Advisors create a transformative experience through one-on-one meetings, workshops, and programming designed to challenge and support, promote community, and build rapport.

Retention - Advisors assess the needs of scholars and identify resources needed to ensure satisfactory academic progress which leads to graduation.

Inspiration - Advisors inspire each scholar to function at their highest level. We accomplish this by connecting the scholars' dreams with their behavior. Advisers help the scholars develop a realistic Plan of Action (POA), which is updated each semester via our Services Agreement.

Visualization - Each scholar and staff member understand that the scholars' vision must align with the scholars' ability to succeed in their career choice, and their willingness to work to their potential.

Empowerment - Advisors empower scholars to take responsibility for their success by monitoring their behaviors while developing their emotional intelligence.