Meet the Sports Staff

Kevin Huebler
Major: Broadcasting with a TV concentration
Why I Love Sports: I was introduced to sports at a young age and grew up watching sports. There is something about the unscripted nature of sports and the screaming of 20,000 fans in a stadium that just captures your attention.
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Team: Philadelphia Phillies

John Fanta
Major: Journalism
Why I Love Sports: I grew up in Cleveland. Being a sports follower became part of who I am the second I was born and my passion has grown so much that I want to cover it for the rest of my life. Growing up in a sports town that has stuck with its teams no matter what has served as an inspiration to me.
Favorite Teams: Cleveland Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers
JohnPirsosPicJohn Pirsos
: Broadcasting, Visual &Interactive Media
Why I Love Sports: I grew up with sports. I started watching the Mets when I was a toddler and I've had Jets season tickets since I was young. I started watching the Nets when the made the finals two years in a row behind Jason Kidd. I also have always loved playing sports, especially baseball and basketball but I was too small for football. Watching and attending games has not only been a hobby of mine, but a pastime. I love talking sports because growing up as a Mets and Jets fan, I had to defend my teams against the Yankees and Giants fans.
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Teams: Mets, Jets, Nets
 Sean Saint Jacques
: Journalism with a minor in broadcasting
Why I Love Sports: I can't think of a time when I was not in love with sports. My family got me into sports immediately when I was young and it has always been a part of me. To this day, there is nothing like going to a sporting event and hearing the roar of the crowd. It is the greatest sound in the world.
Favorite Sports: Baseball, basketball, soccer and football.
Favorite Teams: New York Yankees, New York Giants, New York Knicks, and Liverpool FC.

Cory Pontarollo
Major: Sports Management and Marketing
Why I Love Sports: Sports impact the world around us and I want to be a part of it.
Favorite Team: Los Angeles Rams

Christian Pierre-Louis
Why I Love Sports:
Sports incorporate all aspects of life and it's relatable to everyone. That's why I love it.
Favorite Sport: New York Giants

Blaine Spencer
Communication and Journalism
Why I Love Sports: I have always been interested in sports since I was little. My dad got me involved, and I haven't stopped following sports since.
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Team: Washington Redskins, Golden State Warriors, Oakland Athletics, and San Jose Sharks
 Johnny Soper
Why I Love Sports: I love sports because you cannot script it. There is no theatre or setting more dramatic than the last out of no hit-no run game.
Favorite Team: Boston Red Sox
 Matthew Lamb
Broadcasting & Visual  Media and Philosophy
Why I Love Sports: They have always been a part of my life, whether it was watching, discussing, or participating in them
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Team: Brooklyn Nets
 Dagen Hughes
Broadcasting and Visual Media
Why I Love Sports: I have played sports my entire life and they have always brought me enjoyment
Favorite Teams: All Philadelphia Teams
 Michael Lovero
Marketing and Sport Management
Why I Love Sports: They're a great way to stay active and entertained. Anyone can try a new sport and find an athlete they can look up to.
Favorite Teams: New York Mets, New York Giants, New Jersey Devils, New York Knicks, Manchester United, Juventus, Borussia Dotmund New York Red Bulls

Tim Best
Journalism and Public Relations
Why I Love Sports: When I was a kid I would always mute the TV when I played sports video games, and I would do my own play-by-play. I attended a summer sports broadcasting camp in Boston for two years in high school. It was there that I realized sports broadcasting is what I wanted to do for a living. 
Favorite Sport: Baseball

 ErinSportErin Kelly
Why I Love Sports: I grew up watching sports with my family as my whole family would watch Yankee games together. In 2009 when the new stadium opened, that's when I fell in love with sports and baseball. Being in the company of fans who loved going to games, and hearing their stories of past games they went too and games they remembered watching, made me fall in love with sports. After that game in 2009, I started watching the Yankees on a regular basis and my love for baseball and sports kept growing from there.
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Team: New York Yankees
 Tim Bonomo
Broadcasting, Management, Marketing
Why I Love Sports: I've been a huge sports fan all my life.  I also played three varsity sports in high school.
Favorite Sports: NFL and MLB
Favorite Teams: Tennessee Titans and New York Mets.  I became a Titans fan after seeing the Music City Miracle live as my first football game ever.

Matthew Lapolla
Major: Broadcasting
Why I Love Sports: I grew up watching sports and they have always been something that I enjoy. I love the idea of a competition between two teams and I love the atmosphere of watching a live sporting event. I always appreciated television and radio broadcasters which can convey this atmosphere to those watching/listening at home, and I want to be able to do the same.
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

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