Interview with To Write Love on Her Arms

Date: May 30, 2015

Holly got to interview Jason, one of the two music events coordinators of To Write Love Her Arms. It's an amazing nonprofit that aims to give hope and find help for those who struggle with depression, addiction, self harm, and suicide. Hear Holly ask about creating events like Skate n Surf, the stigmas surrounding mental illness


Below the excerpts is the full audio version.


On what goes into creating an event, like Skate n Surf:

"This is an event we use to try and connect to attendees. So we've built up a relation with the festival of Skate n Surf itself, over the past few years... and what that looks like, that partnership allows us to activate and connect with the people at the festival and really just further our mission to challenge the stigmas around mental health... We have some musicians here that are supporters and we are able to use their platform as well as ours to connect with the folks here."


On Steps to recovery:

"So as an organization, what we try to do is bridge the gap between those who are struggling and the mental health care and mental health professionals. So we partner with nonprofits that exist on local levels that exist in all regions, so we have a list of resources for the New Jersey, Asbury Park area that we would direct people to, if they were to come at our tent... I'm able to hand them a pamphlet that has these resources, or if someone were international, they could visit our website..."


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