Robb Flynn to Introduce Machine Head’s New Album Track-by-Track on WSOU

Date: January 26, 2018

WSOU 89.5 FM will highlight the release of Machine Head’s latest album with exclusive content by lead singer Robb Flynn created especially for the student-run loud rock station at Seton Hall University.  Beginning Friday, January 26 at 6 a.m. and continuing throughout the top of each hour on WSOU, Flynn will introduce a different song from the new album “Catharsis,” providing unique observations to each track. 

“Listeners will find that the album is more varied in tone and style than earlier Machine Head releases,” said WSOU music director Dylan Gordeuk.  “That is due, in part, to the record being an exploration of the duality of daily existence.  As people, sometimes we are totally wrapped up in the societal and political turmoil around us, while at others times we are just trying to have a good time and be happy with what we have.  The songs on ‘Catharsis’ reflect both experiences through a combination of political and party songs.” 

An iconic heavy metal band from Oakland, Calif., Machine Head is known for incorporating both groove and thrash metal to create the band’s distinctive sound.  Machine Head’s latest album, “Catharsis,” will be released on January 26.  More information can found at  WSOU listeners will have chances to win tickets to Machine Head’s February 9 show in New York City. WSOU’s “track-by-track” feature will continue through Thursday, February 1.

Conductor Machine Head

Photo Caption: Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn (left) with WSOU program director Garren Lewis during a recent visit to the station.

In a recent interview with WSOU program director Garren Lewis, Flynn discussed how different the creative process was in crafting “Catharsis”.  “We really actually changed up the writing and recording process for this record. The traditional way is you write 10, 12 songs, and then you go in and record them all at once,” Flynn explained.  “And I can't be in the studio for more than two weeks, I just start to go crazy. So I said, ‘Hey, why don't we do this like a bunch of demos? Why don't we write two or three songs, go in and record them, get out? Do everything super-fast, don't even try and finish it.’ And so we started doing that…And I don't know, there was just something about doing it that way that really made it just exciting. Every song was fresh.”  The entire interview can be heard at  

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