New Zealand Metal Band Alien Weaponry to Get U.S. Radio Premiere on WSOU March 15

Date: March 14, 2018

Alien Weaponry

Photo by Maryanne Bilham

As brothers growing up in New Zealand, Henry and Lewis de Jong were raised on heavy metal and Maori culture.  The two weren’t even technically teenagers when they formed their band Alien Weaponry in 2010.  Now 17 and 15, the de Jong brothers, along with 15 year-old Ethan Trembath, are a rapidly rising three-person thrash metal band that is ready to break out beyond New Zealand.  Alien Weaponry will do just that at noon this Thursday (March 15) when legendary hard rock station WSOU gives the first-ever U.S. radio airplay to the band’s new single “Holding My Breath”  The song can be heard on 89.5 FM in the New York market and streamed everywhere via

Hailing from the small town of Waipu (pop. 1,490) in northern New Zealand, Alien Weaponry’s music explores the country’s history from a Maori perspective.  The brothers de Jong attended a Maori immersion school and many of the band’s songs are written and performed in Maori, the native language of New Zealand’s indigenous people. The music is also totally metal and played with a precision beyond the members’ years.

WSOU Music Director Dylan Gordeuk found the band’s music great to listen to and well worth sharing with others.  “WSOU has a legacy to uphold in being a platform for breaking new music and artists,” said Gordeuk, “And that means when we hear a small band that we feel has the chops to make it big, we make sure our listeners know about them. Alien Weaponry not only fits that bill in producing killer tracks like ‘Holding My Breath,’ but their meteoric rise in popularity at such a young age is indicative of their tireless work ethic; a quality needed to make it on every metal head’s playlist and tour calendar"

Winners of several music awards and contests in their native country, Alien Weaponry is set to play Germany’s Wacken Open Air Festival and MetalDays in Slovenia this summer.  More information about the band can be found at <>.  The trio recently signed with Napalm Records: <>.

“We’re excited to be premiering the band on WSOU,” WSOU Program Director Garren Lewis said. “Part of our mission is to help our listeners discover bands that aren’t yet on radar for most fans of metal.  Alien Weaponry is group we believe metal heads will really enjoy."

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